Professor Accreditation

The accreditation of professors or researchers to work in activities in our Graduate Program of Nursing will be in the denominations of Permanent, Visitor or Collaborator, defined as follows:

Work in the Graduate Program in all activities, guiding, teaching disciplines, participating in research projects, mentioning the link in scientific production developed within the scope of the Program, and who meets the academic-scientific production criteria established by Graduate Committee;

This category includes the professor or researcher with a functional-administrative link with other institutions, Brazilian or not, who are released, by formal agreement, from the activities corresponding to that link to collaborate, for a continuous period of time and in a regime of total dedication, in research project and / or teaching activities in the Program, allowing them to act as advisors and in extension activities, mentioning the link in the scientific production developed within the scope of the Program.

This category includes other members of the Program's School that do not meet all the requirements to be accredited as Permanent Teachers or as Visitors, but systematically participate in the development of research projects or teaching or extension activities, or guidance of students, regardless of whether or not they have a relationship with UNICAMP.

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